Brands for trade: comprehensive membership


British Brands Group Members and Partners can join this course at a reduced rate. At checkout, please enter the coupon code supplied by the British Brands Group. No code? Please get in touch to request one, or apply here for British Brands Group membership.



The programme, which will initially last for 6 months (with the potential to extend), includes:

  • online training workshops on each of the five themes below;
  • an updated timeline to 1st January;
  • regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) briefings;
  • fortnightly email updates providing information on recent developments and changes;
  • IP health check;
  • discounted rates on GCSOP, Competition Law and Amazon (Vendor and Seller) training.

In short, the programme provides the key information on regulatory, customs and IP elements that companies need to trade beyond 1 January 2021 without hiccup.

The content will be relevant to many companies though there is a particular focus on food, cosmetics and general product categories. The programme covers five essential themes:

  1. Regulatory landscape – compliance with UK and EU rules
  2. Incoterms 2020
  3. Rules of Origin and Commodity Codes
  4. Customs declarations (import and export) and clearance
  5. Intellectual property