A new era of trading possibilities begins on 1st January 2021.
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Are you ready for 1 January 2021 when the UK leaves the EU?

Will you be importing goods, ingredients or components?

Perhaps you are looking for new export markets as a source of growth.

To support branded companies with challenges in these business-critical areas where the sands will continue to shift, the British Brands Group is providing a programme of help and advice to steer companies through the differing regulations and requirements to make sure they are prepared. With specialist input from leaders such as Bloom Regulatory, Export Unlocked and a number of Intellectual Property firms, the programme covers three essential areas for business compliance and commercial success: 

  • Regulatory compliance (with a particular focus on food, cosmetics and general products);
  • Customs declarations and clearance;
  • Intellectual property.

Watch our introductory video (9 mins) to find out more:

The programme

The programme, which will initially last for 6 months (with the potential to extend), includes:

  • online training workshops on each of the five themes below;
  • an updated timeline to 1st January;
  • Regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) briefings;
  • Regular email updates providing information on recent developments and changes;
  • IP health check;
  • Discounted rates on GSCOP, competition law and Amazon (Vendor and Seller) training.

In short, the programme provides the key information on regulatory, customs and IP elements that companies need to trade beyond 1st January 2021 without hiccup.

The content will be relevant to many companies though there is a particular focus on food, cosmetics and general product categories. The programme covers five essential themes:


  1. Regulatory landscape – compliance with UK and EU rules
  2. Incoterms 2020
  3. Commodity codes and Rules of Origin
  4. Customs declarations (import and export) and clearance
  5. Intellectual property

Online training sessions:

The five online training sessions – free to Brands for Trade programme members – will be held live on the dates below, with places bookable on Eventbrite using the links below for those who do not wish to join the full programme. The sessions will be recorded and available for streaming shortly afterwards.

11 September 2020, 1130 – 1330 Incoterms 2020 Available to stream now via The programme
14 September 2020, 1000 – 1200 Commodity codes and Rules of Origin Available to stream now via The programme
22 September 2020, 1400 – 1630 The regulatory landscape, with a special focus on food, cosmetics and general products Available to stream now via The programme
25 September 2020, 0930 – 1130 Customs declarations (import and export) and clearance Registration coming soon
28 September 2020, 1400 – 1500 Intellectual property Registration coming soon


The training sessions are available at no extra charge to those subscribing to the programme, whether attending the live event or streaming afterwards. If you wish to access any recorded training sessions without subscribing to the full programme, you can do so for a small fee: pease click here.

Eligibility and pricing

The programme is available to any company of any size on payment of a one-off fee. Once the fee is paid, all of the programme’s resources are accessible to everyone in the organisation who requires access with no additional charge.

Programme price for 6 months: £489 + VAT.

Special rates are available for members of the British Brands Group and those of partner associations by using the discount code emailed to you. If you do not have this code, please email Theresa Drykoningen. To join the British Brands Group and enjoy the full benefits of membership, apply here.

The programme is designed to alert and guide companies through the necessary general regulatory, customs and intellectual property requirements to trade successfully with the EU and beyond from 1st January 2021. For company-specific advice and guidance, specialist and specific input is required which falls outside the scope of the initiative.

For any questions on the programme, please contact Theresa Drykoningen.

Contributing organisations

Contact: Olivia Santoni.

Contact: Gifty Gakpetor.

Contact: Dawn Franklin.

Contact: Alex Newman.

Contact: Jeremy Blum.

Contact: Richard Bartlett.

Contact: Tania Clark.